TM820C-400 Toray 8 x 40" Seawater Membrane

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Toray apply decades of research & development and precision automated manufacturing under ISO 9001 for consistently high quality reverse osmosis membranes. Benefit from improved performance and longer membrane life.
The Toray TM820C-400 is designed for large scale systems including municipal desalination and high volume commercial & industrial reverse osmosis.


  • Spiral wound membrane element
  • High flow, low energy, high rejection
  • Ideal for reverse osmosis for potable and process water
  • Suitable for large scale desalination systems and industrial processes


Application: Seawater
Diameter: 7.9" (201mm)
Length: 40" (1016mm)
Min. Salt Rejection: 99.5%
Min. Product Flow Rate:
Max. Operating Pressure: 8.3MPa
Max. Operating Temperature: 45°C


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