Advanced Watertek is our parent company.

The company was founded in 1984 in Perth, and the first international office opened shortly after. As an OEM, we design and manufacture membrane-based water treatment systems.

We manufacture all water treatment systems in-house under ISO9001 certification. We also wind our own string wound polypropylene water filter cartridges.

Advanced Watertek have successfully completed water treatment systems across Australia and the world.

Desaltek is the newest addition to the family! 

We're a small team, based in Perth. Read our official press release here

Our exclusive focus is on providing the essentials for the maintenance of reverse osmosis and water filtration systems, along with the best service.

Our products are widely available across the country. We offer fast shipping and a competitive, transparent pricing structure.

If you're currently maintaining a water treatment system:

You're in the right place. By choosing a supplier with experience in high volume water filtration and large-scale reverse osmosis, your water supply is in safe hands. 

Our products are built for industry. Our water filter cartridges power lithium mines in WA and drive offshore LNG rigs in the NT. If you demand high quality process water, our components won't let you down.

Our approach is designed for your success. We're committed, responsive and proactive in our outlook.

Browse through our products today or get in touch with any questions - we're here to help.