TM810C Toray 4 x 40" Seawater Membrane

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Toray apply decades of research & development and precision automated manufacturing under ISO 9001 for consistently high quality reverse osmosis membranes. Benefit from improved performance and longer membrane life.

The Toray TM810C is designed to be used on water sources with high salinity (>10,000 ppm). It can be used in multi-membrane systems to desalinate seawater for small private or shipboard applications.


  • Spiral wound membrane element
  • High flow, low energy, high rejection
  • Ideal for reverse osmosis for potable and process water
  • Ideal for seawater desalination, high salinity feed water, industrial wastewater or high recovery RO systems


    Application: Seawater
    Diameter: 4" (101.6mm)
    Length: 40" (1016mm)
    Min. Salt Rejection: 99.75%
    Min. Product Flow Rate:
    4.5m 3/day
    Max. Operating Pressure: 8.3MPa
    Max. Feed Water Temperature: 45℃


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