Advanced™ String Wound Sediment Water Filters - Our Process

Here at Advanced Watertek, we've been winding our own string wound polypropylene sediment filter cartridges since 2017. Also known as thread wound, this is a popular method of producing high quality, consistent water filters suitable for a wide range of fluids and applications. Let's take a look at our process.

Highlights include:

  • High quality source material
  • State of the art manufacturing equipment
  • The results!

The Material

All Advanced™ string filters are manufactured using 100% USA origin polypropylene yarn. It's also FDA approved. This costs significantly more than sourcing from other countries, but gives us assurances on quality, purity and effectiveness. 

You'll feel it, when you get your hands on our filters. A few quick tasting notes: they're heavier, with a denser weave than many alternatives. They won't compress easily or bend. You can see it in the colour, too. The yarn is a pure arctic white.

The Cleanroom

All string filters are wound in-house at our main manufacturing location in Dubai, UAE. The machine room is specially designed to reduce levels of airborne particulates and organic foulants. Our staff don full PPE and get to work.

The Machine

Three years ago we purchased the first of our filter winding machines. Designed and manufactured by a German specialty textile company, it's affectionately referred to as 'the office BMW'. Fully automatic with high production performance in a range of winding configurations. Simply put, it's an absolute workhorse!

The Process

The CNC driven machine requires input for diameter, length and desired micron. From there, the operator slides on a polypropylene core and the machine gets to work.

A true depth gradient is produced during winding, resulting in a dense wind in both inner and outer layers. Knife edge sealing gives the filters excellent structural firmness.

The Result!

Our clients process water in some of the harshest conditions across the globe. The filters we wind have to be able to take a beating. They need to possess a superior dirt holding capacity, and have a lower resistance to flow.

By winding our sediment filter cartridges in house, we've been able to consistently produce these results for our clients. 

 An enduring drive for quality in all the work we do shapes every product we manufacture. Interested in trialling our filters for your system? Get in contact with our team today to discuss - we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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